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From Breathtaking Speed To Breathtaking Timepieces: Is A Bugatti Watch The Ultimate Status Symbol?

Beyond hypercars, we explore the French automaker's passion for limited-edition ultra-high end luxury watches

by Amrit Balraj on July 9, 2024, 15:30

The worlds of horology and automobiles share a surprising kinship. Beneath the gleaming exteriors of these timepieces, lie intricate mechanisms, meticulously crafted to propel us forward, whether on the road or through time. The name Bugatti has become synonymous with speed, luxury, and exclusivity. Bugatti has also forged relationships with luxury watchmakers. From 2004 - 2019, Luxury watchmaker Parmigiani Fleurier and Bugatti joined forces in a licensing partnership that would blossom into a remarkably long and successful collaboration between the two high-end brands. This partnership resulted in several limited edition and high-end watches that captured our imagination for the better part of two decades. Since 2019, luxury Swiss watchmaker, Jacob and Co. have taken over this partnership.

With the release of the Chiron, Jacob & Co. came the entire Chiron line of watches created with exotic metals, precious gemstones, and striking designs, which could even be custom-made as companion pieces to your Chiron or as single collector’s pieces. For aficionados of both, the allure is undeniable. It’s an appreciation for precision engineering, a desire for self-expression through these intricately tuned timepieces, and the thrill of innovation pushing their boundaries. From the sleek lines of a sports car to the rugged functionality of a jeweled watch, these choices become a reflection of one’s personality.

For A New Car, Here Comes A New Watch

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Limited To Just 150 Examples, This Watch Will Set You Back A Cool $340,000

While a Tourbillon is a complex watchmaking mechanism that rotates the balance wheel to negate gravity’s impact on accuracy, the name here takes on a different meaning for the new Bugatti Tourbillon. "Tourbillon," which translates to "whirlwind," from French perfectly embodies the character of Bugatti’s new hybrid hypercar. It is a subtle nod to Bugatti’s French heritage and company home in the Molsheim region in France. The original Tourbillon, invented by a Swiss watchmaker in France in 1801, was a marvel of complexity and beauty. It addressed a real problem – gravity affecting timekeeping. Here, the name "Tourbillon" evokes a sense of innovation and pushing boundaries, much like the spirit of Bugatti itself.

To commemorate the release of the new car, Jacob & Co. in collaboration with Bugatti has come about with a new Tourbillon wristwatch. This new timepiece marks a monumental collaboration between the worlds of watches and automobiles. The Jacob & Co. Bugatti Tourbillon is so much more than just a watch; it’s a three-dimensional sculpture for your wrist. Measuring 52 x 44 mm, its design captures the essence of the new Bugatti Tourbillon hypercar. The watch meticulously incorporates the car’s signature elements, including the distinctive front horseshoe grille, side radiator inlets, side windows, and several other design details.

But the true marvel lies within. A peek through the transparent sapphire case reveals a mesmerizing V16 engine block automaton, crafted from a single piece. This intricate mechanism, part of the complex JCAM55 hand-wound movement with 557 components, comes alive with 20 full animation sequences on a single full wind. It’s a mesmerizing echo of the car’s 16 pistons constantly firing within the engine block. The cost of the Tourbillon watch is a cool $340,000.

Feature Specification
Movement Flying Tourbillon JCAM55
Tourbillon Rotation Speed Every 30 seconds
Timekeeping Display Retrograde hours and minutes
Engine Block Miniature, functional V16 made of sapphire
Case Material Black PVD titanium
Case Dimensions 52mm x 44mm
Number of Crowns 2

Bugatti And Jacob & Co. Have Had Some Spectacular Collaborations In The Past

From Breathtaking Speed To Breathtaking Timepieces: Is A Bugatti Watch The Ultimate Status Symbol? storyboard - image 185471
Adorned With Gemstones, Christiano Ronaldo Had A Custom Jacob & Co. Watch Commissioned To Match The Interior Of His Chiron

Jacob & Co. have made several one-off Bugatti watches, including some for Celebrities:

If you are in the market for something more modern and high-tech, Bugatti also offers a limited edition smartwatch that is made of carbon fiber and sapphire glass with silicone/silicone-nylon straps - the Carbone. This watch features most of the modern smart watch-related technology and is limited to 2,500 units. It will cost you $2,548 if you would like to acquire one for your next birthday. Here’s founder Jacob Arabo with Kevin O’Leary showing us some of the most valuable luxury watches on planet Earth.

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