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The Real Reason Why MKBHD Is NOT A Fan Of The 2025 Porsche 911 (No, Its Not The Hybrid System)

Having swapped his Model S Plaid for a 911 Turbo S, Marques Brownlee had some interesting things to say about the latest 992.2 generation

by Khris Bharath on July 3, 2024, 07:00

Renowned YouTuber MKBHD, a.k.a Marques Brownlee recently jumped onto the Porsche bandwagon with a stealthy satin black 992.1 911 GT3 RS. As a tech YouTuber, it doesn’t come as a surprise that he has embraced electrification and has been an advocate of the booming EV space, to the extent that he even now reviews electric and hybrid cars on his Autofocus channel.

Having owned several Teslas including the Model S Performance and his previous daily driver, the ballistic Model S Plaid; along with other models on the way (CyberTruck and Roadster), it came as a surprise to see MKBHD announce a gas-powered sports car as his new ride back in January this year. In the five months that he has owned the 911, Marques has already covered over about 8,000 miles and continues to remain mostly impressed with its performance. While he doesn’t claim to be a Porsche guy through and through, he did have a few interesting things to say in his recent Waveform podcast, about the 992.2 911 Hybrid GTS that Porsche released last month.

Why Marques Chose To Get A 911 Turbo S

Let’s lay down some context here. Marques turned 30, earlier this year and he decided that he wanted to do something different, which was to try a lightweight sports car instead of an EV. He looked up online and after extensive research settled on the car that everyone (mostly auto journos like myself) had been raving about in reviews, he eventually settled on the 911 Turbo S.

Marques was even able to manage to locate a unit up at a dealer up in Boston, with the spec he would have gone for anyway. The video above is only a quick walk-around tour and not a full review (still waiting on that one), after a 200-mile road trip back to his New Jersey Studio. He briefly goes over the changes made to the car and what he has planned for it. Obviously, being a tech guy first, he also very briefly touches upon how it compared to the Model S. Watch this space.

Here’s What MKBHD Really Thinks About The 911 992.2

In a more recent recording of his weekly Waveform podcast, Marques sheds light on how there’s a section of YouTube that’s truly dedicated to older Porsche models, purists if you will, and another group that embraces the latest models, like himself. He says that he belongs to the second group. However, in the case of this latest 911 Hybrid, he’s taking the side of the purists. In the podcast, he explains that it’s not even the hybrid tech that really bothers him.

His real issue with the latest 911 is with Porsche ditching some of the signature elements that make a 911, well a 911.

  • Swapping out the traditional twist-and-go starter for a generic button from the VW parts bin

  • The all-digital 12.6-inch driver display.

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This is something that we too touched upon a while back. The 992.1 though had an analog tachometer in the center with two digital displays on either side, which in my opinion was the sweet spot. While replacing that setup with a single screen does reduce cost and complexity, it robs the 911 of its soul, and with a legacy sports car name like the 911, you don’t really want that. According to Marques and his team, Porsche customers requested an all-digital dash.

However, there’s something about watching the needle rev to 9,000 rpm on a physical gauge that you can’t truly enjoy on a digital display. Thankfully, Porsche has only unveiled the base and Carrera models so far for 2025, so fingers crossed and hopefully, they’re listening and maybe even consider bringing back the old setup with a central rev-counter in the upcoming Turbo range.

Khris Bharath

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