Honda's Prelude Reboot: A Toyota Prius-Porsche Taycan Mashup? - image 185575

Honda's Prelude Reboot: A Toyota Prius-Porsche Taycan Mashup?

Set to hit the road by 2026, we go over why the design of the upcoming Prelude is a missed opportunity for Honda

For five generations, the Prelude was one of Honda’s most technologically advanced models, known for its agile handling and performance features from the 1970s through to the ’90s. Now, after more than two decades, the iconic nameplate is making a comeback, in a brand new avatar with a new hybrid heart. However, the web is abuzz owing to some of the design choices that Honda has made with its upcoming sports car. The front end appears to have borrowed cues from the new Toyota Prius and Crown. Looking at the rear, things once again look oddly familiar. The tail-end of the sixth-gen Prelude features a narrow light bar and strategically placed model and brand name, that appears to come straight from Porsche’s design studio. But why did Honda make these design choices when they had the opportunity to start from a clean slate?