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Could Bugatti's Rumored Sedan Use A Porsche Platform?

We look at how the Porsche-Rimac joint-venture could result in a production Bugatti four-seater

by Dimitar Angelov on July 3, 2024, 14:00

The newly formed Bugatti-Rimac has already proved that it doesn’t lack the boldness to make some radical changes to the revered and historic French marque. The all-new Bugatti Tourbillon features a newly designed, naturally-aspirated V-16 engine that revs to 9,500 RPM and works with three electric motors to produce 1,800 metric horsepower. In July 2021, the Croatian carmaker, Rimac Automobili, acquired Bugatti. Technically, Volkswagen still partially owns Bugatti through Porsche, which has a 45-percent share in the French hypercar manufacturer. The Porsche connection might prove to be instrumental in making the first-ever, production Bugatti sedan, rumored to already be in the works. For better or worse, a Bugatti sedan is more plausible than you may think. Here’s why.

Why A Bugatti-Sedan Makes Sense Now More Than Ever

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Simply put, Bugatti has all the tools to make a cost-effective sedan offering. It has dabbled with the idea of a four-seater model since the early 90s, showcasing concepts like the EB112. The Bugatti brand is an echelon for exclusivity and performance and under Rimac-Porsche ownership, the marque has all the readily-available tools for a hyper-sedan. We know Bugatti, similarly to McLaren has quickly dismissed the idea of an SUV model, so that leaves an opening for something else. There were rumors about Bugatti becoming an EV brand, but the new Tourbillon proved the brand’s hypercars will still offer an internal combustion engine.

Another reason, why a Bugatti four-seater makes perfect sense now is the Koenigsegg Gemera. Bugatti and Koenigsegg are the most direct competitors in the world of hypercars. With Koenigsegg Gemera being the fastest, most powerful four-door car in the world, now would be the perfect time for Bugatti to come up with a rival. Moreover, not long ago, Christian von Koenigsegg announced the most powerful Gemera ever, which also happens to be the most powerful Koenigsegg so far. Currently, there is nothing else like it, as the Swedish carmaker redefined what a four-seater, high-performance car should be. This begs a question: If Bugatti’s rumored sedan is a direct potential competitor, are we might see the Tourbillon’s hybrid powertrain in a four-seater Bugatti, similar to how Koenigsegg combined its V-8 with electric motors?

Which Platform Could Bugatti Use?

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Rumors suggest that a four-door Bugatti could be based on the Porsche Taycan platform. Given the Porsche Bugatti-Rimac joint venture, it makes perfect sense to adapt an existing, proven platform for high-performance applications. Back in 2023, CAR magazine reported that Stephan Winkelmann, outgoing CEO of Bugatti, spoke of an upcoming, four-door Bugatti. In fact, current CEO, Mate Rimac reaffirmed this during the recent Tourbilion unveiling, where he stated that Bugatti was in fact working on a four-seater electric car. Apparently, the Taycan’s J1 platform, also shared with the Audi e-Tron GT, will be "stretched” to accommodate the Bugatti’s larger dimensions. It would be named the Bugatti Royale, which was the original plan for the 2009 C16 Galibier concept’s production variant.

The question remains: will it be a re-bodied Taycan? I don’t think so. I think Rimac would work its EV magic on the Bugatti Royale, giving it superior performance to Porsche’s EV sedan. For 2024, Porsche introduced the Taycan Turbo GT, which packs 1,034 horsepower and 988 pound-feet of torque from its twin-electric-motor setup. With the Weissach Package, 0 to 60 mph takes 2.1 seconds. I suspect this range-topping Taycan will most likely be the basis for the Bugatti Royale.

Could The Famed W16 Make A Comeback?

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Depending on the platform, it might. However, I wouldn’t count on the W-16 engine coming back for future Bugatti models. While a Porsche Taycan-based Bugatti sedan would be the most sensible thing to do, this might not be the case after all. According to a piece by Car & Bike, from 2022, Bugatti will not make a fully electric car in the next 10 years. They also noted that "the next Bugatti car will have a hybrid powertrain", which turned out to be true with the Tourbillion.

Back in 2022, Mate Rimac said in an interview that the sports car maker would not be making a car based on an electric powertrain, in this decade. Since the four-door Bugatti did not arrive in 2023 as was initially expected, we know something is cooking. It would be interesting to see if Bugatti’s four-seater will adopt a more conventional, front-engine setup or do something bonkers like the Koenigsegg Gemera.

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