Pedal To The Metal... Plated In Gold? Presenting Caviar's $44,000 Porsche E-Bike
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Pedal To The Metal... Plated In Gold? Presenting Caviar's $44,000 Porsche E-Bike

Dubbed the Herzog, find out why this 18k gold plated E-Bike is opulence on another level

by Amrit Balraj on July 4, 2024, 17:15

Luxury brand Caviar is known for its bespoke precious metal and gemstone studded electronics and accessories. Caviar started by customizing smartphones, but their product list quickly grew to include luxury makeovers for various gadgets – from consoles and watches to sneakers. Their design team doesn’t shy away from a challenge, constantly seeking to elevate the ordinary into opulent masterpieces. This year they are foraying into a new product - luxury e-bikes. Their latest masterpiece is a gold-plated Porsche e-bike called Herzog. The name is derived from the ancestral title of the aristocratic Württembergers dynasty, whose coat of arms features the antlers on the Porsche crest. Caviar’s e-bike is still under the hammer, with engineers putting the finishing touches on its technical aspects by summer’s end, paving the way for a potential early 2025 release.

  • Solid Gold Frame (Caviar): Luxurious design with lightweight carbon fiber.
  • Shimano Motor (Both): Powerful motor for excellent performance.
  • 15.5 mph Pedal Assist (Caviar): Enjoy effortless cruising.
  • Lightweight Carbon Fiber (EXC): Prioritizes weight savings for a nimble ride.
  • Fox Suspension & Crankbrothers Wheels (EXC): Top components for tackling tough terrain.

The Caviar Herzog Is Clearly Not Short On Bling

Pedal To The Metal... Plated In Gold? Presenting Caviar's $44,000 Porsche E-Bike storyboard - image 184597

Caviar knows its clientele. With 39% owning a Porsche (based on internal stats), they’ve crafted their new, luxurious e-bike design based on the Porsche eBike Cross 3rd Gen. This sleek electric ride is the perfect complement to their existing car collection. The bike is largely composed of solid gold and carbon fiber components, and one unit can take up to four months to be completed. This Porsche eBike Cross offers a thrilling blend of sporty performance and streamlined design, backed by a powerful Shimano motor. It is designed to deliver a smooth ride with up to 15.5 mph of pedal-assisted support.

As expected this luxury e-bike will come with a hefty price tag of $44,000 and as a complimentary gift, Caviar will also throw in an iPhone 16 for every customer. Will it also be a gold-plated one? We will have to wait and see. For those of you looking for a more understated but just as capable e-bike, Porsche dropped a range of premium e-bikes, the top-of-the-line one being the Porsche eBike Cross Performance EXC. The EXC is a lightweight performance-oriented terrain e-bike. This e-bike is the brainchild of a partnership of ROTWILD bikes blending their expertise with Studio F. A. Porsche design language. The EXC also features the most high-end materials and bicycle-related technology available today.

A Shimano motor which provides 62 pound-feet of torque accompanies the carbon fiber frame and Fox 34 Float Factory suspension fork with 4.7 inches of spring deflection. The wheels are lightweight performance carbon tires from Crankbrothers, who mainly make mountain biking components. The EXC can be had in a range of six original Porsche vehicle colors. which means you can twin with your daily driver if you fancied. This e-bike is relatively cheaper than the Caviar version at $15,665 and also comes in different sizes.

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