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Akrapovic Vs. Dundon 992 GT3 RS Faceoff: The Exhaust Showdown That'll Make Your Hair Stand Right Up

Besides the evocative soundtracks, find out how much performance you gain, when you equip your Porsche 911 GT3 RS with either of these aftermarket exhausts

by Dimitar Angelov on July 6, 2024, 13:30

It’s safe to say there is a Porsche 911 for everyone. Whether you need an Autobahn missile, a high-performance convertible, a track weapon, or even an off-road-suited sports car, the iconic, rear-engine model from Germany has got your back. Back in August 2022, the 992 generation got its most track-oriented, most lightweight, most radically styled variant – the 911 GT3 RS. I think we can agree, that Porsche’s high-revving, naturally-aspirated engines like the GT3 RS’ 4.0-liter unit, are the last Porsche engines that need audio enhancements, but two of the leading exhaust system manufacturers have come up with their own exhaust systems, designed to give Porsche’s 992 GT3 RS an even more appealing soundtrack. YouTuber NM2255 Raw car Sounds recently got the chance to compare how the two systems sound.

Even with PPF the Porshe 992 GT3 RS sounds way better than the Turbo S

Akrapovic Vs. Dundon 992 GT3 RS Faceoff: The Exhaust Showdown That'll Make Your Hair Stand Right Up storyboard - image 180875

The Porsche 992 Turbo S is an engineering marvel, not to mention one of the quickest-accelerating cars suited for daily use. However, we have all heard the noise it makes and seen the countless videos that make fun of its "vacuum cleaner” soundtrack. Then, there is the question of soft limiters, which are mostly in place to comply with noise regulations and suck extra fun away from the driving experience.

The 992 GT3 was among the first cars to feature a petrol particulate filter (PPF) and other Porsche 911 variants, including the GT3 RS, followed suit, especially for the European market. Aside from negatively impacting a car’s soundtrack, the PPF also traps particles that are harmful to the environment. We know that an even racier Porsche 992 GT3 RS is in the works, and it might be less restricted in terms of the exhaust.

Akrapovic and Dundon Motorsport take the 911 GT3 RS performance and sound to the next level

There are a few aftermarket exhaust options available for the Porsche 992 GT3 RS, but the most competitive ones seem to be coming from Slovenian specialist, Akrapovic and the American-based, Dundon Motorsport. The two full-exhaust kits best work with a Stage 1 tune, and we see notable changes on the dyno pulls.

The gains are impressive, but so is the noise

Akrapovic Vs. Dundon 992 GT3 RS Faceoff: The Exhaust Showdown That'll Make Your Hair Stand Right Up storyboard - image 184815

As seen from the NM255 Raw Sounds channel on YouTube, two separate GT3 RS’ were tested. Both cars were freshly fitted with the brand new exhausts, hence the lack of a rear bumper. The white GT3 RS features the Dundon Megaphone Inconel exhaust while the yellow Porsche scores the Akrapovic Titanium/CMC exhaust.

Even bone stock, the Porsche 911 GT3 RS is impressive. The 4.0-liter, naturally-aspirated flat-six makes 518 horsepower (525 metric horsepower) at 8,500 RPM and 343 pound-feet (465 Nm) at 6,300 RPM. Peak torque is less than the regular 992 GT3 due to the engine power band being moved more towards the high RPM range. Speaking of high RPMs, the GT3 RS’ flat-six can rev up to 9,000 RPM. This is enough for a 2.8-second 0 to 60 mph sprint, 10.9 seconds at 126.8 mph, and a top speed of 183 mph with that big wing on the back.

Interestingly enough, the two exhaust systems result in equal gains in peak horsepower. Dyno tests consistently show 546 horsepower for both the Akrapovic and Dundon-equipped cars –28 horsepower more than the stock 992 GT3 RS. However, we see a noticeable difference in torque. Dundon’s exhaust results in a peak torque of 349 pound-feet (473 Nm), but the Akrapovic-equipped GT3 RS shows almost 358 pound-feet (485 Nm) of torque. Moreover, the power and torque curve is more straight with the Akrapovic exhaust while there is a noticeable dip at low RPMs with the Dundon Motorsport exhaust.

Exhaust System Horsepower Gain Torque Gain
Akrapovic Titanium/CMC +28 hp +15 lb-ft
Dundon Megaphone Inconel +28 hp +6 lb-ft

Both exhausts offer two very different sound profiles

Akrapovic Vs. Dundon 992 GT3 RS Faceoff: The Exhaust Showdown That'll Make Your Hair Stand Right Up storyboard - image 184812

Both exhaust systems offer a distinctive soundtrack, and performance gains aside, it all depends on your preferences. If you want a deeper growl, the Akrapovic exhaust can provide that. Dundon Motorsport’s exhaust gives the Porsche GT3 RS a raspier, higher-pitch note.

As for price, the Akrapovic 992 / 911 GT3 Slip-On Race Line Exhaust System will set you back $4,945.20. The optional Slip-On Race Line Adapter Set (for stock headers) will cost an additional $1,830. The Titanium Evolution header set will cost you an extra $10,467.43.

Prices for the 992 GT3RS Street Header Complete Exhaust Package (NON-EU) from Dundon cost between $14,000 and $20,000 as you have several variations to choose from. Which one do you prefer?

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